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Jill Bolte Taylor got a research opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: She had a massive stroke, and watched as her brain functions — motion, speech, self-awareness –- shut down one by one. An astonishing story.

Brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor studied her own stroke as it happened — and has become a powerful voice for brain recovery.

See how she speaks about the right brain as a receptor for energy and the beauty of one-ness experienced through the right hemisphere. Did you know that a practice of Chi Kung improves the functioning of the right brain?

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Mantak Chia speaks about the Healing Tao system, the benefits of meditation and our connection to the Universe.

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Transcript for:  ‘A Dream for Humanity’

“People are more come to a level of self-help, and the Tao system is the one system, one of the system(s), that really give people that tool and the power to do.  It’s not just philosophy; you can help yourself and heal yourself, but it’s a fact.

So I want people to learn how to handle their emotional, (emotions), and transform them.  I would like the people to learn to heal themselves, and we want the people to (learn) how to handle their own spiritual,  (spirituality), because (whether), you believe in God or you don’t believe in  God, we (still), have a spirit to deal with.

So that is very important, because now we think that somebody have to handle my soul and spirit; and if they don’t handle me, I go to hell.  But it’s not true.

So in the Tao, it say people can control your physical, (physically), but people cannot control your mind.  That why in  America, the first thing they say, (is), we have free speech, okay.  Free speech, because they discover nobody can control their mind.  And they say we have free belief.  Everybody can believe what they want, okay.  And so this is very important.

So the Tao say people can control your physical, can lock you up, but cannot control your mind.  And the most important thing is the facts and the truth for million and million years, nobody can control your spirit.  If you know (this), you are free, but if people don’t know that nobody can control their spirit, they become slave.  And that is the slave forever,  okay.  And that’s what my mission (is), okay.

And one day I sitting there, I say, I working on the Microcosmic, (Microcosmic Orbit meditation), and I say, my god, this is great I really feel energy move! How can I make more and more people make open the Microcosmic in my life, in their life?  And I say if one day I have more and more people doing microcosmic or everybody doing Microcosmic, you know,  and I say that is amazing, my dream come true.  Why?  Because this is the true born again practice, okay.  So that is… Let people free.

Okay.  Let people free, okay.

But the universe is just like, the universe have law and order, and  everybody feel free.  The moon spin around the Earth; it’s a orbit.  It’s order and, law and order.  It’s continuous spinning around the
earth; it’s law and order.  It spin by itself and happy and keep on  spinning million and million years and keep on spinning.  The Earth  spin around the sun and billion and million years in constant orbit
and we have the Earth, every season; we have everything.  But we have no law and order if the Earth want to move out a little bit more or move in a little bit more; we’re finished.  The sun have the law and  order.  It take the order from the North Star yet it spinning in this orbit; it in a structure.  It spinning in an orbit in this inner structure.  So they are fixed structure, and they spin.

And the North Star spin around the five element star(s).  It’s fixed. You must spin in this way; (then), you can be free.  Like the earth spin around everything, every cell , 24-hour, rotating itself, free, spinning, okay.  But it follow(s) the orbit and structure.  If we have no structure we get chaos, just everything crazy, okay.  And right now we see that, that mean(s that), all the countries try to get law and order and people can walk around the street(s), okay.  In some places there (is) no law and order, and you can’t even walk on the street.  You  cannot do it because there (is) no law and order, and there is war and killings out there, okay.

And in the Taoism I learn from my Master always say the force, the creator, the force, the creator, the primordial.  The Wu Chi.  So in the Tao say there is one force that govern(s) the universe, and
everybody are working with the same force.  So while (in), the Tao practice we never quarrel with anybody, and when I understand this, any  system can come in and practicing (practice) it.  And I know more and more people now taking the system apart and put it inside “this my system”, okay.

So, we are working with one force in the universe, but in a different way.

And I believe that the Taoism have the most (best), practice to feel the force in the universe, okay.  The Chi Kung practice, everything, is so, so amazing that you can feel the force, but you don’t you have to worshipping, (worship), you don’t have to be devoting, because it don’t work that way.  You have to work with the force.  We have to work with God.  Working with God; God within you.  Chi within you.

So I believe that if this system are spread out to the world, and more people understand this we can work with force directly.  You can connecting, (connect) with the father heaven direct, (directly).  And this is where Jesus come from.  You don’t need anybody, one or two people  pray under my name, you can connect (to) father heaven.  You still need Jesus to pray under the name, but in the Tao say you don’t need  to.  You go direct, connecting to the God; that’s it, okay.  And everybody can do that.  So that is the major thing that we want to do.”

Special thanks go to Jen Michaud for transcribing this interview.

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